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Wet blasting method is the most advanced sandblasting technique that provides precise sanding by taking advantage of water surface tension and fluidity properties. This level of precision in sandblasting is a fundamental requirement, especially for sandblasting of molds. In addition, automotive, medical, 3D printer, aviation sectors also meet the needs of precision sandblasting

Wet blasting uses water and an abrasive medium to form slurry in the sump tank of the installed system. As the slurry is pumped through the system towards the gun heads compressed air is introduced; by allowing the slurry and air to synthesise within the mixing chamber of the gun a highly powerful blast stream is created which in turn accelerates through the boron carbide nozzles. Having impacted upon the bearing surfaces the slurry is then recirculated through the same system for continuous use.

The fluid dynamics involved with the process allow particles to be buffered by lubricating them in water and this creates a far less aggressive action than dry blasting. The water allows the abrasive media to flow consistently over the bearing surfaces so the material profiles can remain unchanged in their geometries. It is the flow of water that gives wet sandblasting a distinct advantage over traditional sandblasting system. The slurry can easily navigate and penetrate the often winding paths found in complex designs while achieving a uniform finish.

Wet sandblasting provides flexibility and successful solutions for cleaning the materials for every area where it is used, thanks to the versatility and high controllability of the process parameters.

It also found an opportunity to save time and cost as the wet blasting system is quicker and more economic in the matter of polishing.

There has been a need to develop a technique and processes and to create a new alternative in surface preparation. Processes have shown the importance of being both economical and time-saving solutions increasing day by day.

We hope that this work will provide a source qualification for the transition to a new system in different sectors by presenting the benefits to be gained in the use of wet blasting system.

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