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Implant Wet Blasting Machine - Implant Wet Blasting
Automatic Implant Wet Blasting MachineAutomatic Implant Wet Sandblasting MachineAutomatic Implant Sandblasting Machine - Wet Blasting
1 Sandblasting Cabinet Filter Jet Pulse System, Automatic Timed Self-Cleaning, 1 Micron Hydrophobic Cartridges and High Suction Power with 1,1 kWh Fan Engine 1 Pcs
2 Sandblasting Cabinet 850x900x900 mm, Laser Cut, Stainless Steel 1 Pcs
3 Elektrical Panel Engine Protected, Pressure and Phase Indicator, Timed, Driver 1 Pcs
4 Sandblasting Nozzle Swiss Brand Nomat Boron Carbide Nozzle, 1500 Hours Running Guarantee 1 Pcs
5 Sandblasting Gun Custom Made with Injection 1 Pcs
6 Lighting 2x18 watt Led Light 2 Pcs
7 Regulator Adjustable Sandblasting Pressure 1 Pcs
8 Reducer Driver, Set To Rpm 1 Pcs
9 Observation Glass Wide Screen with Stainless Protector 1 Pcs
10 Sandblasting System Injection Sandblasting System, Adjustable Blasting Amount 1 Pcs
11 Sand and Dust Volume Indicator Lookout Glasses at Cabinet and Dust Filter Chamber 2 Pcs
12 Turntable Time and Rotation Adjustment, Implant Fixture Apparatus 1 Pcs
13 Cabinet Safety Package Cover Switch, Solenoid Valve and Custom Made Panel 1 Pcs
SK 850 Automatic Wet Type Implant Sandblasting Machine is especially designed for the purpose of titanium dental implant’s surface roughening. Homogeneous roughening of the implant by providing process speed of 300 implant pieces per hour. The direction of rotation and the rotation of the implant during the process of sandblasting can be set and can be programmed. In the same way the amount of material to be sprayed per unit time and blasting strength can also be adjusted. All of our machine manufacturing process is designed as three-dimensional including center-of-gravity measurements and ergonomic requirements. Anti-corrosive stainless cabinet. This sandblasting cabinet is safer by door switches, solenoid valve and custom made panel. Observation windows at the cabinet and under the filter allow a controlled study. It is manufactured ready to install just by connecting the air line and electricity. Occupies less space than general purpose sandblasting machines. High filtration capacity is suited to the laboratory environment. SK 850 IMP Implant Sandblasting Machine enhanced with superior features provides a great advantage in this field. The consumable punches that can be formed on the pieces are prevented by wet sandblasting. Brighter and more sensitive surface compared to dry sandblasting system. High roughening capacity thanks to aqueous supply feeding. Extends the service life of the consumable.
Implant Wet Blasting Machine