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Advantages of Wet Blasting

Advantages of wet blasting make this sandblasting technique more popular day by day. The technological pre-eminence of wet sandblasting arises from its homogeneous polishing success, which makes it a strong alternative to dry sandblasting system. Some dry blasting processes are known to abrade the surface of the materials, resulting in profiles with poor performances, this risk is eliminated when wet blasting systems are used. Its ability to achieve steady and homogeneous surface allows to reach better material success rates.

Wet sandblasting technology provides a faster, more effective and more stable surface treatment than conventional dry sandblasting. Wet blasting can remove deeply imbedded contaminations on the surfaces without causing any damage to the substrate below.

Particles are more intensive in wet blasting than in dry blasting, they are able to flow over surface and their contact with the surface is increased, leading to a further surface quality.

Wet blasting process offers a better work environment. The usage of water defeats the problem of airborne particles and prevents their accumulation around the machines. This industrial hygiene eliminates additional cleaning and maintenance needs.

Summarizing the Advantages of Wet Blasting:

Offers dust-free sandblasting
Maintain surface geometry and measurements
It is the sandblasting technique that gives the brightest surface
Less consumption of consumables
Faster and more precise material cleaning
Provides homogeneous surface quality
It removes the risk of surface deformation as a barrier to point heating.

Wet Blasting Machine